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    in short update

    How does Briese Chartering work?

    The last presentation of people and work of Briese Chartering in Briese News was done 11 years ago. So finally, it was time to rearrange same… many changes occurred during this time, even if our main concern – employing our vessels – is still unchanged!

        In total,  25 people                 

    work at our headquarters in the second floor of the Briese building as well as in offices spread over Europe:

    in Riga, Madrid and Istanbul.

       This offers certain opportunities to us.

    To reach and to overrule customers´ satisfaction is a goal which is always present to us.

     Being divided in 3 departments,

    the different tasks are done in a professional and effective way:

    currently, 8 people

    work in the Chartering department to find cargoes, 

    combinations and other employment – mainly within European Waters - for the Briese Chartering fleet.

    It is like doing a new puzzle every day, generating the best solution for every vessel, finding cargoes to reach sufficient income for the vessels. Ilona Lazareva is in charge for Chartering and the overall company as well.

            Our technical department, being manned with

          5 cargo superintendents

    under management of Jens Lassner, strive to fit the offered cargoes into the cargo holds of our nice vessels.

    It is their concern to arrange plans for our customers in order to give them our greatest support for the safe and sound carriage of their goods. On this basis, reasonable freight offers can be offered by the Chartering colleagues.

    Finally, the handling of fixed voyages is the responsibility of

    10 colleagues working in the Operating department.

    They are divided in two teams. Friedo Busemann is the team leader of Group 1 being in charge for the Amke-type-sisters, Ostbense and Anna, the BBC London-sisters and the BBC Bergen-sisters. Jan-Hendrik Webermann and Operating Group 2 handle the smooth operating of all Mittelplate-types, Nordersand-sisters and the four sisters of OTECO 5.000 vessels. 

    The operators are in steady contact with vessels´ commands, agents and sea-fastening companies in the ports and bunkering agencies to arrange bunker deliveries, handling in ports and the efficient trade of vessels.

    In order to meet our own standards, but also to fulfill customers´ requirements in a certain way, Briese Chartering has established a Quality Management System a few years ago. Same is based and certified on

    the standards of ISO 9001:2015.

    Hella Bruns oversees the QMS and all processes involved to work on continuous improvement.

    The rest is done by our vessels – mainly the crew on board, performing voyages and carrying the fixed cargoes like wind energy converters, machinery, cranes, timber and paper products as well as fertilizers and grain or palletized cargo.
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