• At the end of February 2020, our nice MV “BBC London” was required to spend some days in Ravenna. In total, a small number of piles should be loaded to the vessel – a small number, but quite impressive pieces, as it turned out during the preparations of this shipment.

    “Can you accommodate piles having a length of about 74 m each on one of your vessels?” A simple question as one could think, however, piles with 74 m length are quite impressive indeed. In total, eight of these big pieces were required to be carried. Having an outer diameter of about 2.5m and a unit weight of 282t, the cargo superintendents found that only our 8.000t vessels can carry this cargo.
    BBC London finally was scheduled to take this challenge. After three days of cargo hold operations, finally the first pile could be loaded. All hatch covers and partly the tween deck pontoons had to be discharged to gain space for accommodating the piles. In total it took eight days for all works in Ravenna.
    In Rotterdam which is the discharging place for the piles, “BBC London” has to wait for “Sleipnir”, the world´s largest crane vessel which was scheduled to load the piles from our nice lady and transport same to the final destination – an oil platform.
    Again, it must be pointed out that such challenge cannot be accepted if the shore team of Briese Chartering could not rely on our experienced crews on board.  It was shown that everybody was prepared for the cargo and all works required to be done. This is also very important for our clients, as some of them are on board for cargo operations and see how work on board is going on. Thus, all staff of Briese Chartering says “thank you” to everybody on board performing their daily job, arranging the vessel, keeping all papers in good order, get in contact with stevedores, agents, clients present at cargo works, and many more jobs to be done.
    We could not deliver good work if we were without all the trained staff on board. The close and trustful collaboration between office and vessels as per the shown organigram is our platform for success and access to special, impressive and future projects!
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