• Shipments for renewable energy projects

    Briese Chartering participates in French Wind Energy project

    Presently, quite high wind energy converters are built offshore at the French part named St. Brieuc bay of English channel. Nearly 300 m high windmills 8 Megawatt each shall bring regenerative energy to the French industry, institutions, and households: “With an investment of 2.4 billion euros it is estimated that, once commercialisation begins in 2023, it will produce 1,820 gigawatt hours (GWh) per year, which will supply energy to 835,000 people.”, as can be read on Iberdrola website , one of the companies being part of the project consortium Ailes Marines. 
    Briese Chartering was lucky to win the contract of transporting all items for the jackets, which are the foundation of the windmills. Same were shipped by the nice “BBC Bergen” types, in total six sister vessels of 8,250 t DWT, from Brest to Ferrol for assembly of the platforms. 17 shipments were needed to carry all pieces of jackets to Ferrol. Every vessel could accommodate 2 jackets, so our vessels totally transported pieces for 34 jackets. 
    Keeping in mind that the offshore windmills need a quite stable basis to be productive and not to suffer from all those disturbances of the sea, one can only imagine the size of the jackets when he or she has a look to pictures of all loaded items on board – and understands that 17 times of 2,200 sqm were enough to carry 34 jackets only! In total, 62 windmills will be built in a 75 sq km area. “Especially the X-rows having dimensions of nearly 22 x 22 meters were quite a challenge for our cargo superintendents! We are very happy that good solutions were found to have only small overhanging”, says Ilona Lazareva, General Manager of Briese Chartering. “Without being well prepared and being at the site for loading and lifting all pieces, the project would not have been performed in such a successful way. Thanks a lot, to our portcaptains, the operators in charge and last but not least to our captains and crews on board who did a very good job!”, Ilona continues. We are also thankful to our partners Noatum Project Cargo for awarding the contract and really successful cooperation. 
    Ales Marines advised that the park shall be activated at the end of 2023 and will be a big step to gain more energy from our natural resources – wind in the English channel!

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